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Is Buying CBD Online Safe?

With major retail chains climbing on board, health and wellness products with CBD are getting easier to find. And if you’re interested in trying them, you’re not alone. In a survey conducted by the Global Living Foundation, more than half of arthritis patients surveyed had tried CBD products in addition to their prescribed medications to cope with chronic pain. So many of our patients are asking us where to buy CBD.

Where To Find CBD

There are many options when it comes to where you can purchase CBD-infused products in the United States. It can be a bit tricky, especially if you are buying for the first time because there are so many possibilities. CBD suppliers include over-the- counter pharmacies, health food markets, and online marketplaces. Some people prefer to buy it from a local store to personally try the product, others choose to buy CBD products online since it is a convenient and secure way of having CBD– based products delivered straight to your door.

You are likely to find online businesses outnumbering physical establishments. These CBD e-commerce companies have recognized the unique value they can provide to their customers by offering CBD products in the online marketplace.

How To Purchase CBD Online

If you are going to buy CBD products online, you will find it comfortable since online shopping has totally evolved over the years and transformed the business landscape. People are more mobile than ever and life is far more fast-paced, not to mention life during a pandemic. It’s a natural progression.

As the market becomes more saturated, it is more important for consumers to understand what to look for in a good CBD product. What you should look for when purchasing any best quality CBD products is if the product has been tested by a 3rd party laboratory. If it has been tested, then lab reports for that product should be readily available somewhere on the company’s website.

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in November 2017, it was found that about 26% of the CBD products they tested contained significantly less CBD per milliliter than the label advertised, which “could negate any potential clinical response.”

If you want to purchase the product online, it is advisable to first study on your own the potential benefits of the product before you go ahead to make the order. Beware of certain products that claim to be the perfect cure for everything.

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