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What People Say...

Relief Patch


Teresa V.-This company really helped me with products for my mom at super reasonable prices! She has fibromyalgia and the CBD Patch and Drops helped her regain her independence.


Matthew B.-Ordered the Relief Patch on July 4th cause my dad was having a lot of back pain. It arrived quickly and helped his pain.


Ryan T.-Excellent source for combating pain.


Sheila R. - Chronic pain has plagued me for years. I am so grateful to have had these products recommended by me doctor-RELIEF!


Julia G. - Thank you. I feel much better since starting with your Relief Patch. I have autoimmune disorder and this makes my life much better.


Jerry M. - My doc recommended these patches for chronic back pain. As a deputy I couldn't afford to be laid off-thanks, doc

Sleep Patch


Mary C. - Really helped me get to sleep. I usually have to use nighttime meds, but not with this patch!


Adamir F. - I was skeptical but my nurse friend suggested I try this patch. I did and it helped me through a difficult night. This proved to work quickly and helped me get a better night of rest.


Mark N. - Starting on night one, my sleep has improved dramatically. Several nights after wearing this patch, I had my first full night of sleep in a long time.


Rachel Y. - My physician recommended that I try these patches. After going into menopause, my sleep patterns wore me down. These helped me a lot!


Louis H. - Had troubles with sleeplessness and PTSD. Then Covid hit. With this sleep aid, feeling better.


CBD Patch


Laura T. - My oldest son has terrible anxiety and these patches have helped him a lot.


Simone B. - These patches stay on better than any others I tried.


Jeff M.- Took the edge off of making it through the day. I'm subscribing.


Pat G. - I take anxiety medicine. Lately it hasn't been enough. This patch made a big difference-it's great.


Sarge O. - Used this patch after knee replacement. My surgeon recommended it. Thanks.


CBD Drops


Andres F. - After years of alpine training, my body paid the price. But these products have minimized the aches and pains that were keeping me off the slopes. Now I am back in competitive shape.


Astrid C. - I am a life coach and have recommended these products to help my clients heal from their inner wounds and trauma that led to extreme anxiety and depression.


Wendy S. - A customer forever! I have fought restlessness and anxiety since having my child two years ago. This stuff works.


Drew R. - Saw my friend using this for anxiety. I tried and, boy, can I tell the difference.

CBD Cream


Jaley O. - I love to needlepoint and crochet but my hands get so stiff. I had to rush my ornament projects and this cream helped. I use it every day now.


Chris P. - This cream has provided relief for my knee pain. Couldn't do without it.


Linda H. - I was 16 when I was hit by a drunk driver and have had neck issues ever since. This cream has relieved tightness that I could never seem to get relief for.


Jennifer E. - This cream helped me after my knee surgery. I have GERD and can't take NSAIDS. Now, I am using it on my sore shoulder.


Steve C. - I had been dealing with tendonitis in my arm and it had been keeping me out of my tennis league. I was hesitant to try CBD products but am grateful my coach suggested your cream. I have been using it for about a month and now back to my matches. Thank you.

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