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MDXclusive is a Los Angeles based wellness company founded by medical professionals with over fifty years of healthcare experience within Intensive Care, Cardiology, Emergency Room, Pediatrics, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Internal Medicine, and Nursing.

Our leadership team and associated partners include diverse business professionals and alternative health advocates. Medical Research and rigorous product testing are the keystones of MDXclusive. Our collaborative effort creates superior CBD products that adhere to pharmaceutical grade standards of production, quality, and efficacy.

Our mission includes educating and engaging medical practitioners and the CBD community to ensure that they are recommending and receiving the purest, safest, highest quality CBD product for natural support.  We ensure our CBD transdermal patches, relief patches, sleep patches and oils/creams are ethically sourced. 

Meet Our Team

Our Physician and Nurse Leaders are the backbone of MDXclusive. 

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