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CBD-infused Holiday Drinks?!

Holiday Cocktails with CBD

This tragic year has been the fastest ever and now we are “celebrating” the holidays already! How stressful is this holiday season with Covid restrictions? This time of year should be enjoyable for everyone involved, and many are turning to CBD products to handle the holiday season pandemic stress.

As if it hasn’t been difficult enough, half of Americans think the 2020 holiday season will be twice as stressful this year because of COVID-19. According to new research conducted on behalf of HelloFresh, a food delivery service. They asked two thousand Americans about their plans for the upcoming festivities and found fifty-three percent think the stress will double this year, with one in ten not even taken part in the celebration!

My husband and I are celebrating alone at home this year without our children who are scattered across the United States. We are counting on CBD to help us have a stress-free holiday.

Here is a Festive Holiday Champagne CBD Cocktail that will brighten up your holiday. Hope you enjoy it as well!

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