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CBD and PMS Series 6 of 6: A Final Note on CBD and PMS

Does CBD Have Side Effects?

Like anything, some people will not tolerate CBD well. While it has a much lower chance of causing side effects than other drugs on the market for the various symptom of PMS, it can interact with some prescription medications and reduce their effectiveness.

One of the benefits of CBD is it's not habit-forming. If you take the plunge into CBD use for your PMS symptoms, you can discontinue use without any sort of withdrawal whenever you want. Other prescription medications require that you taper off them slowly. Because CBD is non-addictive, it’s considered a great substitute for drugs like opioids.

Cannabinoids are what link physiology to the mind. They are one of the many messengers used by the brain, and receptors throughout the body to regulate levels of certain chemicals so that the body is running as smoothly as it can.

PMS can be relieved by CBD. Patients with endometriosis have been shown to have fewer endocannabinoid receptors than the average female population and introducing more endocannabinoids into that system can help relieve symptoms.

CBD can be taken as a preventative measure against PMS symptoms, or it can be taken to scale back symptoms as they appear.

Always consult with your physician before picking up any kind of new CBD regimen for your PMS symptoms. Anecdotally, CBD helps with PMS. It may also help with perimenopause. Science is now catching up to try and prove these points.

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