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CBD and PMS Series 2 of 6: How Does CBD Help with PMS Pain?

Although further research needs to be conducted regarding the relationship between CBD and pain, studies have begun to show a positive correlation between pain management, pain relief, and CBD. CBD’s effects on pain are one of the few facts about CBD that’s starting to be properly documented. There is hope that with more research, the FDA may approve CBD for pain.

When estrogen is the lowest, a woman’s threshold for pain is reduced. Estrogen levels dip the most during the premenstrual cycle making women more susceptible to PMS-related aches and pains. Since CBD affects the complex system that controls hormone balances, it can help raise estrogen levels which in turn increases pain tolerance. Increased pain tolerance will be perceived as a lessening of symptoms.

The most common remedy for pain symptoms during PMS is using NSAIDs or other over-the-counter pain relievers. These options have a ton of side effects that aren’t present when CBD is used for pain. CBD is also non-addictive, so it’s a much better choice than opioids. CBD can also be taken concurrently with any of the medications mentioned.

CBD lotions, salves, and patches are a great way to deal with the localized pain that PMS can cause, like lower back pain. Applying a product like this topically to the affected area can help.

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